Manco Go Kart & Mini Bike Complete Line:

Go Karts R us!
bandit go cart The all new single seat Bandit 104D is the perfect kart for the little beginner aged 6-11 years. Speed reduced to 10mph for safety it's the perfect way to get started. The smaller sized frame and makes it easy to maneuver, plus the seat is adjustable to make sure the controls are in the right position.
bandit II go cart The double seat Bandit II is the 2 seat version of the Bandit. This kart features the same 4HP Robin/Subaru engine with torque enhanced centrifugal clutch dual wheel drive, speed reduced to approximately 10mph. A great entry level kart for those youngsters in the 6-10 year old age bracket, where the parents are looking at two youngsters riding in a slow and safe kart with safety lap belts and overhead bars.
critter 2 go cart The 415 Critter double seat go gart steps up in size for those kids graduating from the Bandit to a larger kart. Designed for 12 years of age and up, it fits those typically less than adult size. With single wheel centrifugal clutch drive it's best suited for flat firm terrain and mild slopes. Powered by the Robin/Subaru 5HP engine it's a great family fun value.
go kart manco eliminator The all new Eliminator go kart for Spring 2003 "Eliminator" brings a fast and exciting look to the Entry Level category. With a whole new design featuring high color graphics, side panels, curved dash, thickly padded contoured seats and overhead headrests, this new kart screams "hot"! Powered by the formidable 5HP Robin/Subaru engine for long life and strong performance.
go kart eliminator II The "Eliminator SS" takes the Eliminator 2 seat go kart and adds a 6.5HP Robin/Subaru high performance engine and dual running lights for those looking for a little more punch. The same graphics featuring the "Funny Car" style side exhaust headers make the kart look fast just sitting still!
go kart manco quicksilver The 485 Manco Quicksilver go kart is built on the same frame as the Entry level 415 but with the addition of torque converter dual wheel drive, with big fat ATV style rear tires for maximum traction. This kart is ideal for areas where steeper hills require the advantage of the torque converter for a variable drive ratio, and where the terrain is not so bumpy as to require a full suspension machine. Age recommendation is 12 years and up for those that can handle more performance
go kart manco intruder The all new two seat Intruder GFX go kart brings a "Full Suspension" kart to the Intermediate size range. Smaller and lighter than the big brother XTKs, the 607C is ideal for teenagers and smaller adults.With the Robin 7 HP engine it offers tremendous performance with it's lighter weight. With torque converter dual wheel drive and 8" of ground clearance, this machine is ready to get it on!
go kart manco XTK The XTK series of kart begins with this model, the XTK 706. Now you can enjoy karting with the largest frame made in the industry. These frames can swallow full size adults with ease with lots of heighth and leg room. The full suspension with coil over shocks makes for a much smoother ride. With the Robin/Subaru 6.5HP engine it offers solid performance at a great price! If you know you're going to be tackling steeper grades move up to one of the next 3 higher horsepower models
XTK go kart The all new Manco XTK-707C debuts as the new industry standard for suspension karts. Check out the awesome ATV style fully independent front suspension! This is a long wheelbase kart with a huge comfortable cockpit with dual bucket seats. Side mudguards help keep you protected. Dual wheel torque converter drive will get you where you want to go. 7HP Robin engine with a 3 year warranty and dual running lights.
manco xtk The XTK 710E is the high powered brother of the XTK 706. This top of line machine features not only 10H.P. but also includes electric start, dual running lights, larger tires and a larger steering wheel. A monster machine with 10" of ground clearance, independent A-arm front suspension with coil-over shocks, extended wheelbase and oversized cockpit. The biggest baddest kart value on the planet! Shown with optional rear fenders.
XTK go cart The new XTK 713E is Manco's flagship machine. Many were looking for the maximum amount of horsepower they could get and this answers their request. We took the same XTK frame as the 707C and 710E and added the 13.5HP Robin/Subaru engine. With 35% more power than the 710E, this kart can really pull with 404cc's of engine displacement. Electric start and dual running lights are standard. Shown with optional rear fenders.
go kart manco ez rider The EZ Rider go kart has an awesome independent front suspension and swing arm rear. Huge ground clearance and dual wheel torque converter drive make this machine one tough ground hugging performer. Check out the dual running lights!
go cart indy car All the style of an Indy car with a fiberglass body mounted on a rugged fun-kart chassis. Features a 3.5 HP engine, slick tires, a band brake, fingertip adjustable seat and enough room for even an adult to drive. Generic or specialized graphics available to really make the kar (Shown with Dayton graphics). Available in 5 H.P. as model 715.
go cart NASCAR These replica Stock cars feature generic bodies with specific manufacturer graphics. A 3.5 HP engine, automatic clutch, fingertip adjustable slide seat, an effective band brake and a strong tubular frame chassis are the basics of this mini-kar. The fiberglass body was carefully scaled to portray the real car. Specialized graphics are available. Also as available in 5 H.P. as model 725.
go kart manco deuce The Deuce go kart is the ultimate combination-rugged, sporty looks and durable performance. The Deuce's powerful 18HP Honda twin cylinder OHV engine, torque converter drive and forward/ neutral/ reverse transaxle combine to dominate most terrain and pull heavy loads. The Deuce also features a low gear ratio for quick acceleration, steel wheels for maximum strength, a reinforced steel frame for greater durability, fully independent front and semi-independent rear suspension for a steady ride and dual disc/caliper brakes for increased stopping power. An emergency stop switch in the steering wheel and safety pocket pedals add to the safety and functionality of this workhorse.
mini bike streaker Two wheel fun for the whole family. This entry level mini bike is powered by a rugged Robin/Subaru 4hp motor. The beautiful red finish is powder coated epoxy for great luster and durability, and the front and side fairings with colorful decals add to its appealing style. With a tall 23" seat height and engine mounted fuel tank, it can be shipped UPS!
minibike thunderbird Big brother to the Streaker, the Thunderbird is even more of a good thing. An intermediate level bike, the Thunderbird mini bike comes equipped with 26" seat height, distinctive front plate, and front and rear suspension.
manco hornet scooter The Hornet Scooter is now in stock in two colors! It features a 49cc 4-stroke engine, motorcycle quality ventilated front disc brake and smokin' hot good looks. A great scooter at a great price. DOT certified and street legal. Check your state and local laws for special exemptions that may apply. 49cc scooters may be classified as Mopeds in some states. Speed adjustable to meet state law.
WARNING: Scooters can be hazardous to operate. For your safety; Always wear a helmet, eye protection, and other protective clothing. Check your state and local laws.
We will add more machines as they become available!